Research and Information Management

Research Information Management Services

WGA helps clients locate, access, compile and present essential information from public and private sources.

Public Records Research
We are experienced with researching and developing production, well record, land owner and severance tax data from local, county, state and federal jurisdictional agency sources, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Railroad Commission of Texas, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and similar agencies in every producing state.

Database Acquisition and Management
WGA builds and maintains specialized relational database resources. These datasets aggregate and synthesize market and pricing data from multiple sources and are designed to serve specific client needs.

Rates and Regulation Consulting
WGA can provide practical information on issues of rates, tariffs, regulations, procedures and rate making in the oil and gas industry.

Special Projects
WGA combines industry knowledge and experience to focus on unique research challenges and solve unusual or infrequent information demands for oil, gas and energy business clients.